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Initially created to suggest alternatives specifically to Bad Dragon, we also reference some information related to other companies as well.

We try to ensure the information provided is accurate, and not just rumor - but bare with us, we're bound to get some things wrong. Let us know, and we'll try to correct any issues as quick as we can.

If you find any information we provide may be construed as slander or libel, please inform us so we may correct it.

Notably we also are under construction. There is a lot of information scattered around that we are working to condense and reference. Please let us know if you have any suggestions.

This is not meant to be a product-selling site, and (technically) not even an advertisement/promotional site.

We aren't trying to say that the information presented here proves Bad Dragon (or any company referenced) is responsible, guilty, or otherwise confirmed. We are simply providing references to documentation, historical records, and personal accounts. What you do with this information is up to you. We feel you should be informed about the businesses you choose to support.

Notably we're not fussing over a few minor mishaps. Everyone should understand that every company has its faults. A misplaced package, incorrect order, slow production queues, all of these are (generally) ignored as a matter of relatively normal business. While we may note these for consumer consideration, they should be viewed (like all comments) with a grain of salt. What is important, is when these issues are repeated frequently or poorly handled, or issues regarding unethical practices, suspicious behavior, or suspected/alleged illegal activities.

If you find any information we provide may be construed as slander or libel, please inform us so we may correct it.

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More Lists: Black/Gray/White Lists (Other Companies)


Alternatives - Where to go!

Website: https://www.etsy.com/shop/ambushtoys

Note: Added by referal 2019-01-23, nothing is presently known about the owners.

Website: https://www.etsy.com/shop/AkifuToys

Note: Added by referal 2019-05-01, nothing is presently known about the owners.

Website: https://www.etsy.com/shop/AKrowsNest

Note: Added by referal 2019-01-25, nothing is presently known about the owners.

Website: http://furaffinity.net/user/average

Note: May be no longer active.

Website: https://twitter.com/Built_Up_Beasts

Note: Added by referal 2019-12-31, no information known about the owners.

Website: https://carnalcompendium.com

Note: Added by owner's request as "All For Naughty" in 2020-02-19, rebranded to "Carnal Compendium" 2020-11-28. Nothing is presently known about the owners.

Website: http://etsy.com/shop/TheCraftyHedonist

Info sent to nobd by the owner: Established in 2017 by a single owner/designer/caster, who basically design toys inspired by various characters and creatures in media. Their intent is to make toys that are fun and sexy, inspired by the characters you love, and also be something beautiful. Their goal is also to make toys so that anyone of any gender, medical condition or preference can find a toy that works for them. They make dildos, gags, plugs, packers, and are working on adding mastrabators and sheaths, and also are open for commissions!


Note: Added by owner's request sent 2020-08-21, sales opened 2020-08-24. Nothing is presently known about the owners.

Website: Elypse Art

Note: Added by referal 2019-01-27, little is presently known about the owners.
Appears to not be fandom-related. Minor subjective reports of low-quality product.

Website: exotic-erotics

Offers fantasy, robotic and animal designs.
Some products are lifecasts, with no known reports of animal abuse. More info about lifecasts.

Website: Fantasticocks

Note: Added by referal 2019-04-28

Website: Fera Daemon

Note: Added by referal 2021-07-20. No information is presently known about the owners.
French website. Non-gendered, body-safe silicon toys, lots of colors.

Website: Frisky Beast

Note: Now owned by Twin Tail Creations
Cautionary reports of (original Frisky Beast) orders not received over a year

Website: Geeky Sex Toys

Note: Added by referal 2020-01-12, nothing is presently known about the owners.

Website: Goblin Dildo Emporium

Note: Added by referal 2020-01-12, nothing is presently known about the owners.
Unsubstantiated claim sent on 2020-11-23 to nobd from a supposed customer: I found GDE through your website, and placed an order in August 2020. They refuse to respond to emails, they've reduced their customer service call center hours, and now only have 1 person working for their company. I've sent over 10 emails at this point, and have moved less than 100 spots in line since August. My pour time keeps getting pushed further and further back, despite their website saying a couple day turnaround. They're still taking orders too. At this point, I'd consider them nothing but a scam. Unfortunately I'm unable to get my money back from PayPal, and am stuck eating the cost of an item I'll likely never receive. There are a few reddit threads of other people having similar issues with their stuff, and even some of quality issues.
Please note this claim is currently unsubstantiated and should be investigated.

Website: https://www.etsy.com/shop/HodgePodgeEntourage

Note: Added by referal 2019-01-25, nothing is presently known about the owners.

Website: https://kisuandfriends.com/

Note: Added by referal 2021-08-21, nothing is presently known about the owners.
The following snippet was sent to nobd as introduction.
Based in Finland, Kisu and Friends was formed by an LGBT furry couple after years of dreaming and following the scene from a fan perspective.
Kisu and Friends offers a growing range of highly customisable furry-themed sex toys, and are inviting everyone to join the party unashamed and unembarassed. Kisu and Friends advocate an open dialogue with their customers, and holds dear such values as transparency and accountability.

Website: https://www.lycantasy.com/

Note: Added by referal 2021-03-05, opened 2021-04-27. Owners are known to nobd staff to be reputable and come highly recommended.

Website: https://qimera-forge.com/

Note: Added by referal 2019-12-31, nothing is presently known about the owners.

Website: https://redpanda.toys/

Note: Added by referal 2019-01-23, nothing is presently known about the owners.

Website: https://www.squarepegtoys.com/

Note: Added by referal 2021-05-03, nothing is presently known about the owners.

Website: https://www.etsy.com/shop/StrangeBedfellas

Note: Added by referal 2019-01-25, nothing is presently known about the owners.

Website: http://toypoodlecustoms.com

Note: Added by referal 2020-01-08, nothing is presently known about the owners.

Website: http://www.twintailcreations.com

Note: Partially founded by Synkardis, a former mate/partner to (Bad Dragon founder) Raith

Website: http://twistedtigerlabs.com

Note: Added by referal 2020-01-06, nothing is presently known about the owners.

Website: https://www.etsy.com/shop/XenoCatArtifacts

Note: Added by referal 2019-01-25, nothing is presently known about the owners.

Website: xMishasToybox

Note: Added by referal 2019-05-01, nothing is presently known about the owners.

Website: Wandering Bard Toys

Note: Added by referal 2020-01-12, nothing is presently known about the owners.

Website: http://www.zoofur.com/

  • Reports of extremely long wait times

Know someone we missed? Had an awesome/horrific experience with one of the companies in our list? Let us know!

Please provide as much information as possible, including links to any webpages we can reference


Suggest Avoid - Weredog

  • Originally added under Alternatives by referal 2019-01-25, no additional information was known about the owners at that time.
  • Moved to "Avoid" section on 2021-07-20, due to a Twitter Post (2021-06-11) announcing their partnership with BD.

Suggest Avoid - Bad Dragon

Highly recommended to avoid this company at all costs. Reports allude to tens of thousands of dollars in losses, livelyhood hindered, emotional trauma, creative theft, and all around generaly questionable business practices.

We know there is more out there. Please let us know of any additional links or resources!

Financial Loss - loss of money, value, income, etc

Emotional Effect - trauma, stress, depression, degridation, etc.

Censorship - preventing, banning, blocking, removing, etc. free speach

Employee Relations - mistreatment

Legal - alleged official matters involving law enforcement, court, etc

Questionable Behavior - bizare and unusual practices

Creative Dispute - trademarks, copyrights, artistic dispute, etc

Intolerance - gender, race, species, etc.

Alleged Animal Abuse

Reference: https://yougotcaught.org/m/bdhistory

The primary investor of Bad Dragon's startup (a fellow furry) was left with destroyed credit and a tangable debt of $10,000-$20,000+, an asset loss of $9,000+, and an estimated $50,000-$75,000 in reprocusive losses. As of 2020 the IRS is still making monthly widthraws from this unnatributed founder because of Bad Dragon.

Reference: Vivisector (Seriously PR'ed)

Apparently it was attempted to entirely ban any public discussion about incorrect orders on their forums.

Sub-reference: Employee Misstreatment

Reference: Vivisector: The Case of the Dildo Designer and the Trademark Trolls

Reference: Fur Affinity Post

History and alleged theft behind BD’s Chimera from a forum user, and the original design. Reportedly Kharnak submitted a "Chimera" design that Bad Dragon initially did not persue, but later made a trademark and issued legal threats when Kharnak when they attempted a fundraiser campaign to create the toy outside of Bad Dragon.

Reference: Vivisector (Rape allegations)

Highlight: Highlights / Forum Quotes

Reference cannedcowboy

A police report was filed by a furry against Kamo regarding rape allegations.

Kamo is not one of the original founders of Bad Dragon, however at the time the allegations were made he was an owner

Reference: [Source]

The alleged theft of the Dragon’s Maw toy from the Labs.

Defunct: Large collection of notes, horror stories, and more

Website: Large collection of notes, horror stories, and more

  • [Source] Used badly lit photographs to advertise a returning color, making it appear vastly different from the actual color. No edit to the advertisement was made, and all attempts to clarify came from customers instead of staff.

  • [Source] Continuing to advertise toys using images of colors that are no longer offered [ex: split lips on penetrables, colored tongues on muzzles; confirmation that they are no longer offered]

  • [Source] Many toys are measured incorrectly. A forum thread measuring the differences can be found here.
  • [Source] Promised new color options with every release; the only update has been Nox’s natural, in May. [old naturals, new natural]

  • [Source] Offering some ‘cool surprises’ every time a winner for their contest was announced; nothing was added or dropped, winners were announced quietly through social media and quietly throughout the forum thread.
  • Pride Month promo was said to have something happening each week. Rainbow stickers were released the first week, and nothing happened until a rainbow drop at the end of the month. No other pride color aside from the rainbows was made available.
  • The review and reward system, which formerly gave store credit for honest toy reviews, has been removed for ‘updating’ for upwards of a year. Nothing has been said about it being officially closed or a returning date.
  • [Source] Company supporter describing expensive custom orders as ‘a gamble’.
  • Labs have been declared ‘under maintenance’ for over a year, meaning all designs submitted still belong to Bad Dragon and cannot be created or sold elsewhere, despite the Labs themselves not being used. Nothing has been said about it being officially closed or a returning date.

  • [Source] Shady terms of use for Bad Dragon Labs, allowing them to steal features of designs.

  • [Source] A potential design theft from the forums.

  • [Source] Sends a cease and desist notice to an artist for a community-voted design at a charity event.

  • [Source] Bias between Labs winners.

  • [Source] CactusWren’s personal quality control experience with an Atomic Blue Fenrir. (Resolved)

  • [Source] Duplicated a customer’s rainbow Dragon Tongue custom, and sent them the one that looked worse.

  • [Source] Only fixed a customer’s order once the negative reviews were removed.

  • [Source] Poor customer treatment

  • [Source] Poor customer treatment

  • [Source] Poor customer treatment

  • [Source] More shitty quality control with messy splits on custom orders.

  • [Source] Awful color matching on custom orders, including an incorrect pour of a stock color, as well as a list of errors in other toys.

  • [Source] Awful marbles after advertising images were higher quality.

  • [Source] Badly faded colors on expensive custom order, refusal to fix (Partially resolved with small amount of in-store credit)

  • [Source] Effectively forced the primary investor into janatorial work in order to be paid.

  • [Source] Employee Mistreatment

  • [Source] Employee Mistreatment

  • [Source] Multiple instances of transphobic behavior.
  • [Source] Said they were against the unhealthy BDSM in 50 Shades… and then dropped a ton of gray and gray-marbled toys into adoptions out of the blue. [Does this look like an anti-50-shades promo art piece to you?]
  • [Source] Racism on their Twitter and product color names.
  • [Source] Allows discussion and encouragement of pedophilia on their forums. Example thread that continues in that vein for multiple pages.
The thread that started the forum shutdown debacle, and the thread about the forum’s future. Additional link to a quote from the thread; Blaming customers for the company’s failings; Poor customer treatment; Poor customer treatment again; Explanation as to why Varka’s post uses abuser logic; Customer silencing; Additional link for the abuser logic 1, 2.

Even more references: Link to Cactus Wren

Old Reddit article - interesting article and comments, though it has some incorrect information; the correct information is clarified in Badger's 'Origin/Startup' story.

Reference: Reliable sourced information provided to nobd.info

Rumor from a reliable source claims Bad Dragon is attempting to reverse-engineer the recipe of silicone used for their products. Supposedly a China based manufacturer has already produced samples of their own copy-cat recipe.

Notably this would undermine Smooth-On, manufacturer of "Dragon Skin", supplied via Reynolds Advanced Materials. This could be considered a result of economics, as large businesses move production over seas for cheaper resources - so how one decides to interprit this information, is up to that individual.

Editor's Opinion: Smooth-On, and Reynolds Advanced Materials, are awesome companies. Good people, great products!


Keep in mind that, like most events, it all comes down to the people involved; thus, the people behind the decisions and practices of a company are ultimately responsible. Here's a few other companies Bad Dragon (and thus, certain individuals) associate with, are involved in, or are owners of...

Furry Network

  • Owned by Varka
  • Maintained by many others with ties to BD


  • Owned by Dragonfruit Ventures
  • A subsidiary of Bad Dragon


  • Alleged ties to Bad Dragon. Owned by Varka? BD?


Owned by Varka

  • [Source] Rumors of forum threads promoting forced-bestiality with how-to guides, videos, and pictures
  • Reference


  • Alleged hosting by BD servers(?)


  • Many BD ads, but is there an affiliation? Ownership? Moderators? Server/hosting?

There are other incidents we have been informed of, but either have no links or public records for, or the individuals involved can/will not go public due to personal or legal reasons (including alleged questionable legal threats).

We also have come across multiple references to stories and events which are no longer accessible or have otherwise been removed. We cannot help but wonder why, given the history we've seen and the repeated reports of threats and censorship...

If you have a story to tell or reference, please contact us. The only way you can be informed, is for us to be informed.


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