shanealexander (shanealexander) wrote,

My former employer and Jamie Predergast aka: Bleu Colt

I spent several years with these ppl of and on from 2010 till going fulltime at the end of 2013 until present.

I was working for AND *trying* to get them to take better care of their petting zoo animals and to stop their son from inviting having sex parties (last one being select members of the Bad Dragon crew and friends in November 2014) with the horses to no avail,and since that did not work AND the owners of the business and his parents (Primarly his mother) are now trying to help him cover this up and continue in this behavior so I quit a few days ago and reported ALL of them AGAIN to local agencies.
This is now the 4th time.

I supplied as many pics,vids and as much evidence as possible that I gathered over the past few years,but investigators say they don't have enough evidence to do much unless they see it in person which is BULLSHIT in my opinion so now im taking another route which involves me having to just tell people and hold a fucking sign up in front of their farm if thats what I have to do until something is done.

If you have any other of the many zoo pics and vids floating around of bleu colt please let me know so I can forward them to the proper people.

This is not about zoo being right or wrong,its about a guy that abuses animals,and rapes animals and discards them if they do not sexually perform for him.
This is not hearsay or rumors this is stuff ive seen him do and say personally.
We had SEVERAL talks and fights about this and he dosent care and wont change so this is what happens.
Yes me and Bleu used to be close and were for a fews years best friends,but his continual and downward spiraling behavior has brought me to this.
The moment I was completely dumpster done with Bleu is when he killed a pony on christmas due to his own stupidity and negligence and then went online to extract sympathy from other furs and zoos over it.
Fucking disgusting.

Most of the petting zoo animals being neglected is all is mother Lori.
She knows nothing about care of animals and they do not water or feed their animals correctly and literally half of the entire petting zoo animals die every summer due to lack of water,vaccinations,proper feeding or care.

I tried very hard over the past several years to get them to change and we would get in HUGE verbal arguments over these animals and they just will do right for a few days and after about a week or so they are right back to the neglect and dumping the dead animals in the garbage cans if they fit and if thier to big they push them off thier property for the city to pick up OR push them in a hole somewhere on the property with the tractor.

I am now patiently waiting for them to "hopefully" all to be carted off to jail and their hundreds of animals be placed somewhere safe where their not neglected or abused.
I have watched these ppl kill atleast 250+ animals over the past 5 years on top of the sex stuff with their son.
The list includes,dogs,horses,ponies,cattle,sheep,goats,chickens,ducks and rabbits.
If you are curious the company is called "A childs Joy" 3600 W Elliott Rd. out of laveen,AZ 85339
The owners are Jim and Lori Prendergast and the son is a farrier/equine dentist whos name is James or "Jamie" Prendergast.

All of them and their business can also be found on facebook.

To add further aggravation the local agency that usually investigates and prosecutes these types of crimes (Maricopa county sheriffs office) also seems to be trying to avoid it after I mentioned a few of the ppl at these sex parties were either current or former law enforcement with their agency.
They really didnt seem to like to hear that and thats when most correspondence was starting to be ignored.

So i was sure to get other agencies and the FBI involved and notified which *really* seemed to piss them off further.


Why did I stay so long in these conditions?

I was advised too by the detective that's now jerking me around and avoiding this situation. His name is Dave Evans of the maricopa county sheriffs office.

Anyways if I get arrested on made up,trumped up charges or disapeer you know why xD

Now to look for a new job.
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Have you considered going to the media about this? I mean, you'll probably have no luck with local or mainstream outlets, but I imagine that there's more than a few on the left who'd eat this right up. There's plenty of people out there eager for new angles to go after Sheriff Joe.
Bad news all around.... These people deserve a comeuppance. And I think the commenter above is on to something. Here's a conjectural headline for you..... "Children's petting zoo caught up in shocking scandal. Local law enforcement implicated in graphic sexual abuse of animals." That's a story any local journalist would sell his left nut for. Or the SPCA, or even PETA for that matter. In the last week I've seen international news outlets with a story about a US law officer being implicated in the sexual abuse of animals.

The cop's lack of interest is clear after you implicated them in it. They'll play politics to protect themselves, in the hyper political world of US county law enforcement. Time for you to play politics too. The possibility of that headline I've just written should at least get you some conversations with people who can take this further. Adding the involvement of Bad Dragon into this could make it into scandal that a competent journalist could take to the highest levels imaginable.
If you're able to match up the animals in the footage with photos they have posted publicly (on their site, Facebook, etc) that's normally enough proof for anybody.
If one officer shoots it down, you can try again and hopefully get a better officer. If they're not interested in this even though this shit is occuring on a children's petting zoo, they're probably one of the shitty officers.
Contacting them and telling them that some of their officers was involved was a bad decision and you're likely going to have to have someone else file a report now. Once they investigate the evidence (which they will eventually, hopefully), they will notice that their officers are involved.