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shanealexander (shanealexander) wrote,

God give me strength...

Dear Furries and Pups or anyone else directed here from various other places,

The sincere hope I have of this journal entry is about abusive relationships,rape,sexual assault and the things that go on in this furry fandom that nobody ever talks about publicly out of fear,shame,intimidation,or being shunned or trolled.
This is one of my own personal issues,and is intended to help others also affected by the same person.

If you have no intention on taking this seriously or you are here just to be a troll yourself,then stop. These matters are real,these matters are legitimate and if they are not addressed then this fandom and things we ALL love and enjoy for our own reasons here are just going to all be eventually consumed by the monsters we let run and control it.

Even if its to horrible for you to believe for whatever reason you have you need to consider for a second that these are facts,and these are truths,because if you believe otherwise now,I promise you,you will feel pretty foolish in time remembering this.

If you do not know of me my name is Shane and I have been in the fur fandom since 1999.
Ive been known as a few different characters over the years starting with Traygurr the Horse from 1999-2005 and Pokeypony from 2005-2013. After my Change in 2013 I just started to go by my irl name because I am out with my family and friends about everything and as a 36 year old gay man im simply just over hiding behind masks and fursonas.
The change for me was very personal,but not the focus here. The point is im not hiding who I am anymore or the the things ive been threw in this fandom,because at this point in my life its literally killing me to do so and since nobody else will,I have too because im complicated in that way.

I am open to your questions and will answer anything (that I can atm) publicly or privately to those who need it while the case is ongoing,and more as everything unravels from other people involved and more comes out and more facts are checked.
And YES I will DEFINITELY consent to a polygraph of anything contained therein right next to my accused,and also any of his supporters.
Just please be patient with me,im recovering from an incredibly shitty few weeks,this last making sleep or work or anything else almost impossible and im twitching from lack of sleep as i write this.

One of my own sexual assault experiences that im hear to address was from an ex boyfriend some years back,most of you may know him now or one of his many aliases,fursonas or Pup handler/alpha pup role...
He was born as Eric Silveiro and had a legal name changed as Kamo Two Paws.
He is also going by other aliases such as Duke the Bad Dragon(Twitter)Kamo Wolf,K2P,Kobel the Husky, Chico the Rottwieler,KamoDraggy,KamoMutt,Mutt,Moonshine Mutt,Muttpaws,Knottydog and im sure some other names or suits im unaware of so please feel free to add if you know anymore.
He is also the Head of Bad Dragon next to Varka and im told he owns 51% controlling shares of the company as of recently.

After knowing him all these years ive watched him systematically pray on many people both male and female,including minors,and stepping far outside the rhelm of zoophilia or whats generally accepted withen the zoofur community and into the rhelm of bestiality forcing dogs into sex acts,including my own german shepherd when he was a puppy before I found out,freaked out and stopped it.

For this and a ton of other reasons he has made me feel like a worthless piece of shit for the past 10 years and has caused me more pain,sadness and regret than anyone ever has.

I am not perfect, I am not here to paint myself as a saint or even as a good person.

Ive battled many demons in my life,including drugs,alcohol,self destructive sex and mental illness,jailtime,zoophilia,incest and childhood sexual abuse and there have been plenty of times in the past ive yelled,screamed,threatened,someone for whatever reason,been in physical confrontations or just been an all around douche bag for whatever reason I had at that given moment.
Usually I was only at my worst in some sort of drunken and/or drug fueled stupor,but im not excusing my actions or things I did because of that....I know my words have hurt people,and ive grown from that and im truly sorry for it.
Since 2007 Ive tried very hard to get better,and have done alot of therapy,been threw alot of head shrinks and different diagnoses,been in drug trials for anti depressants,anti anxiety pills and the like to finally have a diagnosis and treatment I feel helped me overcome most of my issues from childhood until now.

So yes,if you want to point a finger and gawk,feel free....if you would like to call me a 36 year old broken failure I couldn't even disagree with you...but in all my asstastic behavior the one thing I have NEVER,...EVER done is rape,sexually assault or have sex with someone without their consent,ESPECIALLY when it was previously discussed beforehand that it was off the table.
So you can debate with yourself on issues of karma,or my morality and motives,and yes im sure most things that I brought on myself.
You can believe im a shitty person to your hearts content,but what happened,still happened,the last sexual encounter I had with him was not consensual,he took advantage of me in a completely passed out drunken state while HE was completely sober and he used NO condom when he did it and I only woke up briefly while he was finishing inside of me laughing about it.
I even got sick the next day and thought I had an STD or something which turned out to be a infection in my colon from what the doctor could only guess was whatever he used for lube or just plain being unsanitary or an allergic reaction to his semen.
When I confronted him about it again and told him I was sick,he laughed some more and then bragged to other people about it.
We got in a huge fight and I was really upset,but I was living with him at the time just getting there from another situation that was also bad and had no other place to go.

But I definitely did NOT want it,or him and it was NOT in any way consensual.
I was stuck,I was broke,I was addicted to pain meds and booze and I had no self worth or self esteem....I told several of my friends about it,and his mate at the time also knew about it and there is no lack of my personal friends in the past years that haven't heard about this incident.

Unfortunately its stuff like this and alot more that happens alot in the fandom now,its happens at cons and gatherings and parties or anywhere else,its just usually never initially called rape or sexual assault,its called drunken yiff,or sometimes a guise of some sort of bdsm or domination act,or many times strait up date rape...or some sort of room or ride share situation..but the fact remains if you were sleeping or shitfaced and especially when that person was not shitfaced with you then,its rape......if you didn't consent in any way shape or form and that person did something to you sexually that you didn't want under sober circumstances,then thats rape.
If you were a minor at a con or anywhere else and an older person had sex with you knowing your age,they are most likely doing it over and over to other teenagers,and odds are,especially if your several years older now you know you were used,you know you were manipulated,and you need to report them.
People that do stuff like this don't ever stop until they are stopped by someone standing up to them and they go to jail....and people like that deserve jail,you can not allow yourself to feel sorry for them.

As of now I have *finally* filed a police report on my own for sexual assault,and urge anyone else with information on him OR ANYONE ELSE no matter how popular or prestigious their reputation in furry is.....if you know of this happening to someone,report it,if you need help,or need to be put in contact with an advocate or detective or just need someone to help you figure out laws where you are at,just contact me via this site (X-posted) or email me [email protected]
In many states,and countries including Arizona where I and he reside there are no statute of limitations on rape or sexual assault.
The downside is rape and sexual assault cases are very hard to prove,especially when they happen years prior,but don't let that discourage you....there is strength in numbers and and he cant call us all crazy,or talk his way out of all of it....there is definitely plenty of us to stand and make a difference and the contracts he made you sign if you are one of those employees or visitors that signed one will NOT hold up in court against issues pertaining to rape,sexual assault or sexual harassment.
I will also quietly help you find whatever help you need even if you do not wish to come forward now but need the help or just somebody to talk to about it.

Ive been told so many stories,about so many ppl over the years,and much of it I know is true and also have these experiences of my own that have happened.

There are people who will automatically jump to crucify me over all of this,or call me a hypocrite,or just label me as a psycho,jealous ex boyfriend hell bent on drama and revenge posting all of this,but it has to be said....it has to stop.

Dumping his personal info publicly is relevant because he uses these identities and fursonas and costumes and the prestige of running Bad Dragon to lure his victims,some being employees who are all forced to signing multitudes of no disclosure agreements and other garbage his attorney cooks up,all the while he picks up unsuspecting younger guys and girls with charm,manipulation,fairy tales,his spiffy title at Bad dragon and/or his many sports cars like his bright red Ferrari,fursuits,or Pup gear.

He is super intelligent,super calculated, cunning and completely bulldozed over every other person that actually created Bad Dragon from the or stands in his way for something he wants,and can talk his way in or out of any situation as he pleases because nobody stops him and he is one of the best manipulators Ive ever seen.

Many times over the years and before we even met in person he lied to me about most of his life,job skills and experiences....I never knew he even lied till I found out stuff from his family....and When confronted with a lie or shitty thing hes done he always denies it first and then when proven he lied he just says he dosent remember and makes excuses usually turning it around on you somehow and making himself the victim.

Now people LOVE to talk about this kind of stuff in private,....good God do people love to talk about furs like him and what they do to people,but nobody acts on it......people know,but they don't say anything and they don't do anything because they don't wanna feel like that crazy person everyone is looking at and
Nobody wants to confront them,or they are afraid of confrontation.....but that's what HAS to change.
What in the hell is acceptable about this?
Is it acceptable to do this to ppl when you have a furry company or multiple fursuits?
It shouldn't be,but alot of you know thats how most people here act and it has to stop.....the culture of all of this type of behavior and defending or making excuses for people who do it has to stop.
Stop looking at someone for their fursuits,their prestige,their money, or their art abilities and look at them for who they really are,not who you want them to be.

There is a ton of ppl that are going to read this and know its all true and defend him anyway because they don't wanna lose their job or the convenience of how their life is by saying anything or sticking up for themselves or other people or whats right.

Don't be that person. This is NOT me attacking Bad Dragon or zoophiles or anyones furry freedoms,in reality I think BD is actually made up of some pretty good people for the most part,and I hope they can kick him to the curb somehow and survive all this,but the ones there been around the longest know the truth,and they know the stuff Kamo does but their afraid and dont want the confrontation....And I know this because Ive had these conversations with many of you in the past.
Yes im sure you feel you owe Kamo for the ways he grew the company,and got certain things done,and I know everyone there kinda closed up thier lives after Athus's passing,but you guys know ALOT of the things he has done to ppl to get where he is at are wrong and you need to help stop it before its to late and theirs nothing left including your own soul.
Money aint no fun to spend when your dead inside.

So stop doing whats CONVENIENT and do whats RIGHT.

I know what he does,and I know the things he says to you,he tried it yet again to me after I confronted him recently,and this was the first time I never gave in and let him back in.
I only let him do it so long because I was afraid,and I was embarrassed and I didn't want to suck other people into my garbage and my drama,and most pathetically of all imo I feel theres still a very damaged side of me that wanted him to keep hurting me because he made me feel thats what I deserved....And yes I also had my own skeletons I was trying to hide,but I dont care about any of that anymore,and I don't care what the public's opinion of me as a person is...but HIM and the many monsters like him continuing in this fandom or anywhere for that matter Has to stop...it HAS too....But it never will stop and just continue to get worse until people stand up.

The very last straw for me and a few others was a morning not to long ago where a bad dragon tweet that was posted about 50 shades of grey and how Bad dragon does not support the movie and is against abusive relationships.
Well that's all just lovely and great but the hypocrisy of this is imagining one of the most emotionally manipulative and abusive,narcissistic,sociopathic sadists you know posting it,or atleast the company he leads,and either way its really fucking disgusting and for me was the straw that broke the camels back,and not just for me but also some others.

I myself was already recovering from something else he did to me very recently and that post combined with what he already did sent me into an anxiety attack and dark depression ive been in for well over a week now.
I don't care about his threats of being sued anymore...I don't care about his intimidation and idle threats.
I cant let myself care about him anymore or allow myself back into his web of lies and shit,always pretending to try and make things up to me,or pretending to try and help me and work it out just to keep me silent while he continues on being a monster.
I don't care about my own dirty laundry or being outed as a former zoo or spending time in jail,or any of my multiple issues from the past or present.

And ya know why I feel that way now? because some years back there was one person came forward that Kamo put in even more horrible situations than me and nobody took him seriously,even when I knew he was telling the truth at the time I sat and said nothing or did nothing because I was still protecting him myself....and I wasn't the only one.

And now because of my actions or INactions then, their is now MORE pain that shouldn't have been...now their are MORE victims and MORE drama.
Trust me when I say ignoring a problem is NOT how you fix it,you have to face it.
I ignored it and you know how that worked out for me?
It worked out by him befriending and fucking someone I loved very much with his lies and glitter and ruining our chances of fixing what me and that person had because of his lies,manipulation and bullshit AND because *I* never stopped him all the other times.
This also marks the 5th time in the past 10 years he has done something like this to me with someone I was either dating or otherwise attached to......why? because to him its a sick twisted turn on to mark,use and abuse anyone he can that I love just to tell me about it afterwards.
Now once again I have to spend the rest of my life living with that because of my inability to act years ago when I knew I should have.
Now thats my pill to swallow forever and I will *never* get over it.

To many of my friends and former friends against this decision I made,im sorry we feel differently,but eventually you come to realize when you let monsters run loose because you are afraid you are still responsible.......ignoring it wont take it away.
Thinking and ignoring things will not overcome the fear and the injustice,but actions and the love and courage of a few others will.
To truly escape fear you have to go threw it,for their is no better way around it.

If you agree with any of this,please post a link for others to see it,tweet,and retweet as much as you can.
For those that actually care and are supporting me and the others threw all of this,my sincere undying thanks to all of you.

Having lived with Eric, Kamo, or whatever he tells people to call him, I can agree that he's a very manipulative person and a poor excuse of a sociopath. There's plenty about him that's rotten to the core, especially using techniques like learned hopelessness and intimidation to have people do his bidding.
I can say while living with him, it felt like sex was a forced thing and if you were to deny him, there would be severe consequences. Having just left the military from active duty and not knowing anyone, it felt like there were no other options. Even worse when he tried to get a dog, that belonged to another person, who he trained to fuck him, involved, but failed.
During the time living with him, he's made the statement that he's had no problems with minors and that "they know what they want." Even with bad dragon, he had plans to mimic how things ran and make a company in Colorado, but I suppose blackmailing and taking over from inside the company was easier. Even after Athus died, he tried to push the company out to Colorado. Only recently did I learn that there's a large community of people into bestiality there.
The problem here is that this is a control freak with a poor sense of understanding for others.
I've heard that he's been trying to work his way into the BDSM community and pup community, claiming to be an expert in the art. This is shocking considering he was a terrible top and having no experience when it comes to BDSM. I wouldn't be shocked if he's hurt someone and make it seem like it was their fault.

Even worse, I've heard he may have STDs and barebacks without telling the bottom. This is all from word of mouth, but I wouldn't put it past him to do so and then make it seem like it's the random fling's fault.
Honestly, people like him will continue to use others until their last breath. I have no problems with Bad Dragon, but I really wish Varka and Narse would grow some balls and get rid of him if that even an option. It's sad to know they can't even talk with people they know due to forced contracts. But, this is just another example of why you don't trust someone who can't even understand the very basic parts of code of ethics.

It's a shame Athus died and not Kamo.
So you were taken advantage of by Kamo, and now however many years later after you were raped, Kamo has become successful and owns 51% of a growing company. NOW you want to do something about it. This seems to me like a classic case of jealousy, but you can't seem to admit it. I read your entire post, and it's like 80% begging and pleading for people to do something about Kamo, because all you can do is file a police report. Even if people do take your advice, the only thing they can do would be to boycott BadDragon, which will hurt all of their employees just as much as Kamo. That is unreasonably selfish of you. I'm not defending Kamo raping you our trying to rape your dog. That is sick and you should have done something about it then. But not now. All you're doing now is stirring up internet drama and not really accomplishing anything. If you really want to do something, get revenge. Good, sweet revenge. Crying our for internet help will get you nowhere.
I responded to this,but its to long for a reply window. http://shanealexander.livejournal.com/1173.html
Are you seriously saying this? People like you are the real problem after someone gets raped. Blaming the victim is NOT the way to go and some people are too afraid at the time to speak about it because it's a very horrible and dignity shredding thing to happen.

My thoughts go out to this man who now feels he can be open about it. He is a survivor and he should be helped and the piece of crap who assaulted him can rot in prison. No matter how 'popular' someone is they are not exempt from punishment for their actions. Jimmy saville and Gary glitter are a pure example of that. Even insinuating the only reason he's done this to get money is a disgusting comment and I hope you take a seat and think carefully about how you would feel if you ever were in his position.

Or you could not blame the victim.
Hard to read, triggering and just rough to face.

Of course, that's what makes us all turn away.

It is a shame that our fandom has grown large enough to attract predators. It is a worse shame that these are people who go after our weakest, those who are too in pain to look after themselves, those who are too young to know better, and those are are too broken to fight.

Let us all do what we can to say "no more".
and stepping far outside the rhelm of zoophilia or whats generally accepted withen the zoofur community and into the rhelm of bestiality forcing dogs into sex acts,including my own german shepherd when he was a puppy before I found out,freaked out and stopped it.

Don't be that person. This is NOT me attacking Bad Dragon or zoophiles or anyones furry freedoms,

I don't care about my own dirty laundry or being outed as a former zoo or spending time in jail,

...Okay I'm sorry but are you stimulataneously trying to out someone for being a rapist whilst sprouting some pro-rapey shit (animals can't consent?) and/or implying you fucked animals? Because I'm really not sure if you are.

inb4 long comments about how zoofur shit is k and animals can consent - I'm not really gonna engage those, just a heads-up.
Do you acknowledge the difference between these two things?

A. Hold down a dog and force your penis inside him as the dog cries and tries to pull away, you yell and grip the dog harder as you force yourself into him.

B. Bend over and let the dog hump you on his own free will.

There is a clear difference between those two things. One the owner is in control and the other the dog is in control.

If you say a dog can't consent to humping then are you raping a dog when they hump your leg or are they raping a female dog when they breed her?

Just some thoughts.
"LOL its not abuse if they get a boner and is the one doing the penetrating at the leisure of a person who's explicitly in charge of the entire situation ."

Yeah, real fucking classy dude.
i know i just love getting explicit dog rape descriptions when i specifically stated "i am not engaging animal consent arguments here" (not you, the above comment)

just a tip but I'd avoid even trying with these people, it's like trying to reason with the pedos that think they're spiffy because they seek out sexually-disturbed kids and/or ply them with ice cream into thinking everything's peachy, they think enthusiasm = consent alwayz and yyyeah. you're not gonna get through to them so you're better off avoiding engagement, as cathartic as it may be initially. Like they just. keep. going, and eventually you sort of want to break a desk with your head.

at least this callout post warned for two creepers, I guess. :/
I wasn't saying one is okay and one thing isn't okay. But holding down a dog and forcing your cock into it is a shit ton worse than just letting the dog use you to get off.
...you kind of did, reread what you wrote. if that wasn't your intention then you kind of backfired with your word choice a hell of a lot.

and honestly I have never seen "well this rape was violent but this one had grooming and psychological mindfuckery so it was a less bad rape" type arguments end well ever, the dude can go on about how ~trying to redeem himself~ he is and be vague about whether he's fucked dogs all he wants, but they're both in a rapist category. You can't exactly un-rapist yourself so unfortunately it's soured a lot of his post since he's trying to bring attention to another rapist. Not everyone's gonna want to listen to a rapists' opinion on "hey this guy is a rapist" - like I read it, I listened but I also came away with a bad taste in my mouth. I can see others just going :| and not bothering since he more or less admits shit within the same post.

right I'm gonna bow out for realsies now
I disagree as I've been raped before and I think I know a little bit about what is actually harmful and damaging (rape) and letting a dog go to town on you at their own consent. Granted I've never raped or groomed or any of that and I have enough trouble with all this misogynistic gamer crap about how people who have triggers are social justice warriors and all that.

So no, I don't consider OP a rapist.
the things you pointed out are bothering me, too. so Shane admits he is a "former zoo", but what does this mean? Did he look at some drawn images, filmed/photographed material or even participated in zoophile activity in rl?

If he did the two things latter I have to admit I wouldn't feel comfortable around him and would fear for his pets if he has any, even if he now realized how wrong it was and doesn't participate in such behaviour anymore.

I find this "This is NOT me attacking [...] zoophiles" problematic, too. How can you not attack people who take advantage of beings not able to consent?

Though I have to agree with Shane that this Kamo person needs to be stopped, as he seems to be a serial abuser and rapist and doesn't even think about his actions as bad and therefore doesn't stop. Shane on the other hand did realise how bad the things were he has done so he doesn't do them anymore, which doesn't negate his former wrongdoings of course.
He brought it up to make sure others knew as well. He was being open and honest and you're attacking him for his past. He simply doesn't wish to attack any furry sub-fandoms/interests out there.

Last I checked, there is no furry sub-fandom about practicing rape.
I will address all of this soon for the people interested that are not doing so in the fashion of a troll.

I am however not making it priority over the former.

I didn't post what I did for pity,or revenge or attention,I did it because it was right and its not even about me anymore its preventing it from happening in the future to other people.

My life experiences and 16 years in this fandom and 20+ years around the zoo community,and my entire life spent around sex and the types of people you only read about in horror stories,has validity here because it can show people not only how things like this happen,but also how to prevent it from happening in the future and how to help people in these situations if you don't know how.

I did this knowing I will be attacked and I just have to suck it up and take it because if there is any sort of redemption for me in my own life,its me giving up my own conveniences to do whats right and owning up to my mistakes and moving past them and making the best of the hand I was dealt.

I will not make any outwardly claims I am a good person,im honestly not even 100% sure of that myself yet.
I want to hope and believe deep down I am mostly good,but if i am not,atleast I am doing my best to try.

And thats alot more than I can say for most other people I see,and that makes me sad.

I'm having hard enough time defending your position and goals v.v

You were extremely brave to post all this and I am sorry for the commenters that are using this as an opportunity to put you down or placing you in the same category as Duke.

You aren't.

I'm 33 years old and have been through sex therapy for being raped in the past and dealing with deviant desires. These people just want to throw around judgements and words without airing their own dirty laundry, which they have.

You at least were honest about it. Thank you.
Thank you for posting this. I'm sorry for what you went through. I now deeply regret the order from Bad Dragon that I'm waiting on. I will definitely share this and make sure it is known. For what it's worth, you have my support.
Bad Dragon still has many good people,and they do have the best products of this type imo.
Don't regret your purchase , just express your displeasure in the actions of the VP/majority shareholder (Kamo) and if enough ppl do they can get him out of there much easier.
They'll probably just be flamed by other furries for being "social justice warriors."

The fandom is a fucking mess right now.
and thats why anyone that likes it for the good things about it should help get ppl like this out of it.
Lame.. this site has a comment character limit? Ugh..

I had a nice response too. Fuck. Condensed version: Age of consent laws vary from state to state; the most common is 16 years old, not 18 so he may have not broken any laws having sex with someone under 18. Dog rape... obviously a bad thing but I do not like the double standards applied to that vs breeding where its perfectly acceptable somehow to tie down the female while the male(s) ravage her. Female donkeys are used more as sex toys for stallions to get their rocks off without producing unwanted/unauthorized offspring.

The real thing though is you want to be careful with such words because anything you say (which includes write) can be used against you in court. In this post you admit to hearing he has a controlling interest in a successful company and now you are deciding to go forward with a rape claim years after it happened. The timing is just..bad honestly and a judge/jury may in fact see it as more of a coincidence. Now I don't know what's true, what's not. I don't know you and the only thing I know of the other guy is he works at Bad Dragon and has a character that's sexually appealing. That's it. So I'm not in any position to say oh he's a rapist dog fucking pedophile or that you are full of shit and looking to cash in for whatever reason. That's why we have courts; the court of public opinion doesn't count.

I do urge caution though especially when tossing out some very serious accusations. I found this through a repost on my tumblr who labeled this as "Kamo the owner of Bad Dragon is a rapist and abuser" which can in fact be considered libel. Considering he has a company that is successful that means he has money and all he would need to do is prove his sales declined after your accusation and you could end up in a lawsuit for his loss of business; and in Arizona the exemptions from judgements are not very generous as they are here in WA state. So just be careful. Seek justice but... really be careful with what you say on public forums.

I am indeed aware of the laws and I am not concerned about any of this from that angle.

He can sue me to his heart content,and I am definitely prepared if that happens.

No problem. Take note of your state's regulations regarding property exemptions if in fact he does end up winning a civil suit against you if it goes that far especially since it looks like this situation may have put his job in jeopardy. And if you lose your case against him... ya... get a lawyer if you haven't already. I can't stress that enough.

Good luck.
Deleted comment
The easiest and fastest way to reach me is [email protected] or twitter @dunpokethebear
I cant always get access to LJ
No idea what to say to you bud. I've known you for years now, and have had no idea about any of this.

You have my support, and if ya need me for anything I'm here for ya bro.
Not really stuff I talked about to ppl cept some of the ones I saw everyday.....kinda embarrassing stuff ya know?
First of all I've to thank you for sharing the details about your own mistakes.
Sharing personal facts are always a hard thing to do, and it's worst when it's about the bad sides of human being.

Because I'm an average digital natives, I must admit it was quite long to read. But I did it :P
Well...as somebody exploring different culures all around the web in order to add new parts of my personal global knowledge and personality, I have to stay aware about each single side of a community.
Even if I'm quite new and still unfamilliar here I'm not disturbed by what I'm able to found while browsing around the Furry Fandom subject. Mostly because I'm aware about the rule 34, that tell "If something exists, you'll find the naughty version online...", but also because I'm the kind of people who think:

"You can masturbate yourself on everything (everyone have his own issues) until it doesn't get a step farther...otherwise you'll get into serious troubles if I'm directly hit and in presence of a case of a typical emergency. And you won't have my support if I'm just involved, no matter who you are."

So, now being already informed of the naughty versions of Furry Fandom, I still feel in troubles to see peoples not even trying to set the differences between all those things. I mean, there's almost not any nexus between Furry Fandom and Yiff or even ZooFurr.
It's supposed to be about every kind of art and expressions that can be search by everyone regardless to the age, and nothing else.
To me, if you start talking or doing something related to Furry Fandom that involve sex, it's no longer labeled as Furry Fandom.

Because of my sharp distinctions between those cultures and also thanks to my mighty tolerance, I still stand here, I keep browsing my way in the Furry Fandom, and I'll keep digging deeper to find things related to this community.

By the past I've already explored others cultures, like airsoft, animes, etc etc...and I've decided to show my belonging to some of the ones I consider the greatest. For exemple to show I'm an airsofter I usually wear a pair off protective goggles (Bollé X800) around my neck, so peoples can ask, and then I can share what I know about airsoft with them.
Why am I talking about this exemple? Because I'll do the same for Furry Fandom by wearing something related to it if I decide to show my membership to it.

There we are to the reason I'm writing here:
Even with the exemple off such an asshole that appears to deserve particular attention if you know him IRL, I still think this is one single case in a community that appears to be wealthy off good peoples. But now I'm perfectly aware of what you can found between the good ones thanks to you.

So, here's the point:

-Thanks for sharing something personnal and please, keep your head up: you're alive, that's all it takes to go ahead and solve your problems, just think about it properly.
-Thanks for giving me the exemple of this guy and those facts, now I know about it, and I'm no longer ignorant to the bad part you can found like as in every other cultures.

Now if I decide to wear my fox tail, I know even more what's related to it, and what's not.
I have alot more to write about everything,but thankyou for the reply and the support.

Furry does have its good and its bad sides,but the thing i WILL say is that anyone that thinks that sex is not a major component of the fandom is living in a fantasy land or just a balled face liar.

And IMO furry is NOT family friendly and furry is NOT for children or minors.
Anyone saying different is most likely a pedo,or just ignorant beyond belief,plain and simple.

I think its a great place for adults to meet friends,I think furry changed my life and kept me from prison or an earlier death.
I can see its importance,but I also see its flaws,and they need to be addressed since nobody else is.

But there are good people here...there are wonderful people here...there are average people here,and unfortunately there are bad people here.

But that dosent make the entire fandom bad,it just makes us more like the rest of the world than we want to admit.

So if ,or when ,or where you wear your fox tail,and if you choose think about what its related to,you can make your choice at that point based on which side you want to relate to the most,or like the truly timid,not at all.

I know I'm pretty late in commenting here, but I'd like to wish you luck with this. People like Kamo are dangerous and are seriously damaging the furry community. I'd offer to help, but I never managed to learn much about Kamo or most of the other high-level Bad Dragon people.

I have one suggestion/question, but you may not like it. Arizona has for better or worse been pretty good about prosecuting bestiality cases, and the horrific irony of that is that the chances of the cops moving on Kamo might be better if proof that he's been involved in bestiality turns up. Since you were both involved in that kind of activity back when the abuse/assaults were taking place, is there any chance that you would be able to provide evidence that he was (or better yet, still is) sexually active with animals? Although this could certainly put you at risk of prosecution, the police might be more lenient on you since you'd be the one providing the info.

I know you say you're a former zoophile now, but I do realize that turning informant on people you know who used to do it (even people who deserve to be in jail for other reasons) is a lot more to ask than to just withdraw from those kinds of activities yourself. (After all, when Remus Shepherd quit, he didn't promptly rat out all his former zoophile friends; he just stopped being sexually active with animals.) If you say that you aren't willing to go that far, I can respect that. I'm just curious as to whether or not you've thought of it.
I really could care less about my own prosecution,I already told the cops everything knowing that was a possible outcome.

Do I have pics or vids of him fucking animals? No,and I never have,and if I did I would have handed them over already and not felt the least bit bad about it at all.

The cops even have a confession from him admitting to sex with animals in a polygraph for being hired as a cop.
I really have no idea why he hasn't been arrested already...oh wait,yes I do...its because anyone that has anything on him recent enough to make a difference is protecting him and then asking me why nothing is being done about it with the other side of their face.

Yeah, I figured that that was the case. It also figures that he'd sign up for the police academy. With all the bad apples that have been getting through in recent decades, it's actually quite suprising (and relieving) that that didn't work out.

The most I can get on Kamo is a BeastForum account, but he never got around to posting anything really incriminating before he abandoned it. There's also some noise about him owning wolfdogs (if they really are wolf hybrids and not just him/others bullshitting about husky mixes). There's been instances of zoophiles from the furry crowd trying to get in on that scene.

I really wish I had learned more about him. I'd been looking into Bad Dragon for a while, but most of the dirt out there centers around Varka's past connections to Doug Spink and Athus's affinity for dolphins. I knew that there was more, but as we all know the place is very secretive. Whatever he's involved in, he's not an idiot about it and is pretty good at covering his tracks.
“Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves: Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen. For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature: And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet. And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient; Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers, Backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents, Without understanding, covenantbreakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful: Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.”
Romans 1:24-32
Well thankyou for being just as helpful as most other church and christian types...... And by help I meant not much at all.

Now If you wanna do something useful for the Lord besides having your nose in the air in some self righteous and judgemental spectacle howabout you just pray for me and this situation and keep your scripture quotes since you don't follow them to a tee yourself anyway.
I actually do know them very well,and thats between me and He. :3

Thanks and God Bless

I'm a pansexual Catholic and I just want to point out that this Bible quote is about God punishing a group of straight people that pissed him off by turning them gay. He changed their proclivities, their desires, and this is unseemly because it is untrue to who they are as individuals. If anything, it is an example of homosexuality being the work of the Lord.
January 24 2016, 03:20:06 UTC 2 months ago Edited:  January 24 2016, 03:20:54 UTC
If that happened to you its a shame. But I support Kamo/Duke until hes convicted of anything. Its the whole innocent until proven guilty part of the american justice system. And Im not surprised if as you allege other furs look the other way. Youre threatening the biggest furry business out there. I myself own a bad dragon toy and would be pissed if the company was shutdown for any reason as I intend to order more. You threaten to strike at and effect in a negative way a big part of the fandom by going after the head of bad dragon. The biggest furry sex toy maker out there. Its no surprise people are closing rank around him. Btw depending on age sex with minors is perfectly legal most states like 3/4 if I remember the numbers right set their age of concent at 16 so as long as theyre 16 and willing its no ones business where he sticks his dick but his and his partners. Heres another thought I know when I started having sex when I was 13/14/15 I was perfectly willing and did to lie to hot older guys and say I was older so they'd sleep with me. My thoughts are if all parties are willing everyone else should but the fuck out. Everyones so concerned where everyones sticking their dicks. And as for beastiality heres a thought. If you can own it shoot it and eat it any fucking time you please why is it a big deal if someone instead decides to stick their dick in THEIR property?
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